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Race Day Fashion Tips

An outfit that Back-Packs a punch; make the most of your travel ensemble


Most young people at some point in their life will take off on an adventure abroad. The lucky few get running water and electricity but the vast majority of us will become all too familiar with slumming it. it’s hard to feel gorgeous when you have been wearing the same pair of denim shorts for the past week but you can always add a bit of flair to your outfit with a silk scarf.

A silk scarf takes up basically no space in your bag and can be worn in your hair, around your neck and even tied into an array of super cute Summer tops.

Here are three variations to try:








Kristy wears Hanna Scarf by Coussinet.

Kristy Charleson.

Original post from An Australian Wintour blog - http://www.anaustralianwintour.com/blog/2014/07/31/an-outfit-that-back-packs-a-punch-make-the-most-of-your-travel-ensemble.html


There are heaps of ways to wear a scarf!



insearchofsadie.com: Stakes Day

I arrived back in Australia just in time to catch the end of the Spring Racing Carnival, one of my favorite times of the year not only because it means Summer is almost here but because I also really enjoy the dressing up aspect.  I often dress for comfort in a throw-something-on and run out of the door kind of way. Spring Racing is one of those times where you can literally go ‘all out’ I’m talking nails done. hair done, dress, clutch, heels and headpiece to match.


Doubts on how to match necklines and necklaces? We have the answer!




Stripe it Up!

Striped pieces are a nice, classic way to pull yourself together for the weekend. Add a leather jacket, a maxi bag and your favourite accessories.

In the picture Burma necklace and Isla cuff blue.




Scarves, scarves, scarves!

How do you wear your scarf?  Do  you like oversized  ones, that wrap around, or skinny ones that match your outfit? Twenty-five years later, scarves are again a hot fashion item. Local fashion experts name scarves as a must-have accessory. But gone are the rigidity and rules of the past.

When it comes to scarves, there’s no longer a right or wrong. Pick what you feel good wearing and work with it. Today, it’s more about coordinating tones and contrasting textures than it is about matching.

Tone-on-tone scarf and outfit looks work best with neutrals, black, navy, camel, cream and take on a sophisticated vibe when you mix fabrics. Although monochromatic looks can be chic, they can also be boring unless you mix textures. Wear a long, fringed winter scarf in cashmere, blends, wool or knit tied once close to your neck to get this look.

Do you wear a suit?

We love the classy-ness of a well-tailored suit! Acccessorised with a statement bag, classy earrings and a pair of black leather gloves to fight the winter chill, you can rock the corporate world in style!

Featured here: CEO BagReveal GlovesChi Earrings


Cute Scarf Wrap 



Product of the Week: Floss Scarf in Grey

Love to wear Neutrals? The Floss Scarf is perfect! 

This polyester woven scarf has an embossed netted sunburst pattern. Ideal to wear with just about any outfit!



Are you a woman in the corporate world?

Style Tip: choose solid colors and simple shapes in clothing and add one bold statement accessory at the waist, neck or wrist. This shows you are meticulous, a clear thinker and totally confident.

Our tip: Rousseau Necklace, Colombo Bracelet, Pizazz scarf and Ridges Belt.



Featured product of the Week: Chantelle Hat in Camel

This gorgeous wool felt dome hat with brim turned up at back, ribbed ribbon band with bow on the side is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe! Its neutral colouring allows it to partner with just about any colour combination you desire!



Weekend Getaway

Blitz the winter cold this weekend with gorgeous neutrals and a bright cardi! 
Featured Coussinet item: Anais necklace 


Transeasonal must have... 

A scarf is the perfect transeasonal accessory. If your neck is warm then somehow your whole body feels snug doesn't it? They’re also the fastest way to add colour, texture or layers to your in-between weather look. But there are some do's and don'ts.


Sienna Miller keeps cosy


DO: Black on black, navy on navy, grey on grey – try layering your outfit with a tonal scarf. Stick to neutral shades – pink on pink doesn’t have quite the same effect – and play with textures choosing a chunky knit or fine weave to contrast with your jacket or top accordingly.


DON'T: Do you really need a hat? And a print on that scarf? No, you do not. Scarves are a big statement on their own. Let them work for, not against, you by keeping the rest of your accessories to a minimum. That goes for make-up too - co-ordinating your lipstick to the fabric wrapped around your neck is not a good idea.


DO: Learn how to tie a classic French Knot, it's a perennial classic. Fold scarf in half and place around your neck. Then take the folded half and pull the un-looped ends through the fold. Take it one step further by taking the folded part again and twisting it, then put the tail through it one more.


DON'T: Skinny scarves are really just the poor cousins of bad ties. They belong on rock stars from 1980s hair bands. If you must, then opt for silks and satins that wrap just once, hang long and complement a very simple evening look.


DO: Add a pop of colour with a large shawl-shape scarf. Choose a colour that contrasts with your outfit (red on black above) and that flatters your skin tone. Warmer colours often look best closer to the face.


DON'T: One of the biggest mistakes people make when wearing scarves is choosing styles with too much fabric - this will inevitably overwhelm your face. You don't want to look like you're choking. Be realistic about your own proportions and practice in the mirror until you get just the right amount of wrap from your frame.


How to wear a scarf


Scarf sketches...













Keep your fingers warm this winter! We love Lily Allen's winter wardrobe!



Love Tina Fey's accessorising at the SAG awards...


All you need is a statement necklace...


German Actress Anna Julia Kapfelsperger wearing our Tiffany necklace, turning her simple outfit into a glamorous one...doesn't she look gorgeous!

Work your scarf in for a unique Safari Look!

(Picture above featuring our Tatou scarf in grey available online now CLICK HERE to view)

Fashion Journal online have used our Tatou scarf in their feature "The Dangerous Type" .Doesn't it look great how they have styled the scarf over the hat adding a unique point of difference!


Fashion Journal behind the scenes!.....a little bit of styling going on

December 2012

Spring Carnival - Time to try something different...

Thinking about head accessories for the races and want something different? why not try a SCARF!


Scarves have always been one of the most versatile accessories, they can easily be folded, twisted or pinned anywhere to add that X factor to your outfit and are great to wear as head accessories for the races. 


We really love the way Christina Aguilera has been styled in her latest video "Your Body", it's genius how she is wearing a scarf wrapped around her head with a veil. A great updated look paying homage the starlets of the 40's who wore veiled hats all the time. 


Looks like they'll be making a come back!

Spring Carnival - Head Scarves

Pictured: Left - Christina Aguilera in "Your Body" music video, Right - How we do it Coussinet Style


Watch the Christina's video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cfCgLgiFDM

Old Hollywood Glamour

Pictured: Katy Perry looking absolutely gorgeous in a "birdcage" veiled hat 


Do you think you can come up with an update for this classic look? 

Send in a picture to us by emailing vip@coussinet.com.au and show us the look you have created using one of our scarves http://shop.coussinet.com.au/collections/scarves


How to wear a scarf

We often get asked here at Coussinet by customers "How do I wear a scarf"? 

The pictures below show a variety of ways you can wear a scarf

After you have got some ideas check out Coussinet's range of amazing scarves


Have another way to wear a scarf? Send us a picture to vip@coussinet.com.au

Love this picture of our Eyelash scarf in Fashion Journal magazine

Buy it here http://shop.coussinet.com.au/collections/scarves/products/ey


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