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About Us

Beautiful Inside and Out

The word Coussinet is a French word that refers to a gorgeously designed sachet, filled with sweet-smelling lavender, which you might keep in your wardrobe to keep your clothes freshly scented and smelling sweet! It is an image that resonates with us because we want your fashion accessories to demonstrate this idea of a delicate, beautiful exterior reflecting the beauty within.

Our brand’s emphasis lies in the expression of individuality with our designer fashion accessories giving off a funky, distinctive vibe. A Coussinet girl isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, or her scarf.

Founded on Passion by Greta Grossberg

Coussinet was a name used by founder and designer Greta Grossberg when she was creating high-end soft furnishings, because Coussinet also refers to any cushion-like object. Greta’s move into the fashion accessories market happened almost by mistake, but the name was so suitable for both sides of her work that she decided to keep it.

Greta studied science at University and worked in marketing and advertising for 15 years. She had always been interested in making creative fashion accessories and eclectic hand-made clothing on the side. When asked to make some scarves for a friend who owned a store, they sold like hotcakes and so her venture into fashion accessories began.

In 2001, the new Coussinet was born and exploded fashion accessories across the Australian market.

A Diverse, Quirky, International Brand

Originally the company had a focus on scarves and wraps that were different from the run-of-the-mill; items that would always draw admiring comments. Coussinet has since diversified to include fashion accessories across the board including beltsjewelleryhats and gloves. Scarves and belts, however, remain the core products because they are the most versatile items and Greta’s true passion.

The company has continued to grow and now boasts several hundred clients stocking Coussinet’s fashion accessories and jewellery nationally as well as a selection of international boutiques and online stores in Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Coussinet products have been featured in the press numerous times over the years and Coussinet strives to keep top quality products in both the physical stores it supplies to and in its online store too.

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